Pictures from my Children’s Book

Happy Thursday everyone! For many children, school is out and summer is here. For the even younger, this is there last summer before entering school – a special time for both child and parent!

I wrote “Molly Goes to Preschool” as a tool for parents and schools to use to help children entering school for the first time.My hope is that it will not only introduce children to situations they will encounter (to prepare them) but also to shed light to parents on the emotional change children feel. It can be both a scary and exciting time; no two children react in the same way.


Below are some images from the book. Let me know what you think!

013  012




3 thoughts on “Pictures from my Children’s Book

  1. Great pictures! I look forward to reviewing the book 🙂 You should definitely join the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Follow me on Twitter @snacksformax or @jaymielynnie, and you’ll see the link to the next Hop. BTW, I love the header of your blog!

    • Hi Jaymie! I’m definitely already following you on Twitter (@MrsCindyAndrews) and like you on Facebook! Can you tell me more about the Kid Lit Blog Hop? It’s the first and third Wednesday of every month, correct? What kind of posts are accepted?

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