What is the future for Molly



In looking back at my past blogs, I feel I am getting away from my original goal, which was to help promote my book, Molly Goes to Preschool.  I have read the reviews from those who have read it and really appreciate the honest feedback. This is my first book, and I have learned from my mistakes. My purpose for writing the book was to help prepare young children for preschool, which I think was accomplished.

I believe when children know what to expect in new situations they will be more accepting and less frightened by new experiences.  Children relate to other children by watching them play, hearing about experience in storybooks or watching movies or TV shows about other children.

I have read hundreds of books to young children as a teenager when babysitting, as a mom, and grandmother, a preschool teacher and now as a director of a childcare center.  There are so many books available for children with a large variety of subjects, real or fantasy.  My plan is to write more books about real situations that young children experience, using Molly as the lead character.  I hope to create simple books that young children will enjoy and can relate to and learn from.

Here is a list of my ideas.  I would appreciate any suggestions or opinions of what you think.  Do you think children would like books about these subjects?

  • 001 Molly has a birthday party
  •  Molly is a big sister
  •  Molly goes on vacation
  •  Molly adopts a pet
  •  Molly’s grandparent dies
  •  Molly’s new friend (some kind of disability)

I would also like suggestion on what you, as readers, are interested in as far a blogs go. Any comments would be helpful!


4 thoughts on “What is the future for Molly

  1. Great ideas Cindy! I like the pet one and the new friend one. Since autism and other spectrum disorders are very prevalent now, it would be great if Molly’s new friend has autism.
    Molly could also go to the doctor, which is often scary for young ones.

  2. Cindy, all of those ideas are good. Try to write a standard 32 page picture book and keep text around 500 words, especially if this is for preschoolers. I suggest checking out the CBI Clubhouse at http://cbiclubhouse.com/

    If there is one place that has all the information one could ever want on writing picture books, it is the CBI Clubhouse. The cost is $5 a month and worth hundreds more. You can join a critique group geared toward picture books, or any other genre for kids. Experts write articles, videos, and courses.

    The main content is the original course on writing for kids, now with sections on publishing, self-publishing, and marketing your book. I highly recommend this to all aspiring and debut authors, I am also a member (this is not an affiliate link).

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